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Apna Trip is your trusted partner for memorable Pakistan tours. We are a reputable local travel agency committed to giving both national and foreign passengers outstanding travel experiences. We provide a wide selection of travel packages, including city trips, cultural tours, exclusive private tours, group tours, hiking tours, honeymoon vacations, and more, all with a great enthusiasm for displaying Pakistan’s beauty.

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Since every tourist is unique, Apna Trip strives to customize its excursions to suit each person’s preferences and interests. We offer the ideal schedule for you, whether you’re looking for adventure in the gorgeous mountains, discovering Pakistan’s rich cultural legacy, or just unwinding on a weekend getaway.

Apna Trip has meticulously designed itineraries that cater to every wanderer’s wanderlust. Our staff of experienced travel specialists will help you every step of the journey and bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to the table. We make every effort to make your trip seamless and thoroughly unforgettable since your comfort, safety, and complete pleasure are our top priority. We work directly with dependable partners to craft every aspect of your trip experience to perfection, including carefully chosen hotels, dependable automobile rental companies, and expert local guides. Our focus on even the smallest aspects at Apna Trip is an example of our commitment to quality. Our team is committed to turning your travel fantasies into reality from the time you set out on your vacation until the day you return. We take great satisfaction in establishing enduring bonds, forging priceless memories, and making sure that your trip with us is a transformational one.

Reach out to us right away, and let us use our expertly designed trips to help you make experiences that will last a lifetime. Discover Pakistan’s charm, friendliness, and rich cultural tapestry with Apna Trip, the ideal traveling companion.

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If you have a US passport and are planning a trip to Pakistan, it's necessary to get to know yourself with the requirements for a successful visa application. A visa is a travel document given to foreigners by recognized government organizations. It is for people who seek to travel through or enter the host country's territory by its laws and regulations. Any sovereign state has the authority to choose whether or not to permit a foreign national to enter or leave its territory, according to international law and practice. Additionally, it decides whether or not to grant a visa, deny a visa application, or revoke an already-issued visa. You can save time and effort by being aware of the precise criteria, which also guarantees a smooth voyage. We'll discuss the essential documents and data you need to gather before starting your Pakistani trip in this article. So, let's get started and make sure you're ready to easily get your Pakistani visa.

The Pakistan eVisa is primarily intended for tourism, enabling US tourists to discover the country's rich cultural history and beautiful landscapes. US nationals can visit Pakistan for a maximum of three months with an eVisa. It's important to remember that US candidates may be able to apply for a visa extension while in Pakistan, depending on the reasons that they provide. This extension allows for an extended stay of up to six months, enabling visitors to stay longer if they wish to.

Pakistan's northern areas are home to some of the most beautiful scenery, rivers, and mountains. Naran Kaghan is unquestionably the first person who comes to mind when searching for tour packages in Pakistan's North. The Kaghan Valley, one of Pakistan's most popular summer and honeymoon destinations, is a perfect location with panoramic views, mind-blowing mountain peaks, and rich natural beauty. Since the very beginning, the Kaghan Valley has served as the foundation of Pakistani tourism. Also known as the "Switzerland of Pakistan," the valley. It is quite convenient to visit Naran because of the Hazara Motorway's construction and the wide, well-maintained highways. In Naran and Kaghan, there is no lack of accommodation choices or dining options. If you are one of those who want to experience the heavenly experience, we are here with several affordable Naran Kaghan Tour packages.

The breathtaking view of the Naran Kaghan valleys, which includes beautiful green meadows, high mountains, and crystal-clear lakes with freshwater, draws thousands of domestic and foreign tourists each year. Here are some of Naran Kaghan's most popular locations.

Balakot is 34 kilometers away from Shogran. From Shogran, you can travel by horseback, or walk to several stunning sites, including Siri, Paye, and Makra Peak. In the valley, there are affordable hotels and resorts to choose from. Additionally, mobile phone services like those from Telenor and Mobilink are accessible. Anyone who loves taking a stroll and relaxing under a tree near a stream or lake while surrounded by different tones of green will be drawn to the beauty of Shogran Valley. Families with children will love it because of the abundance and variety of animals there. These forests are perfect for peaceful walks that last for hours.

Enjoy the magnificent 144 km long, bow-shaped Neelum Valley, which is located in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan-administered Kashmir. This scenic oasis, which takes its name from the Neelum River, is home to dense woods, snow-capped mountains, and breathtaking natural views that draw tourists from all over the world. It is located in Muzaffarabad's northeast and parallels the well-known Kaghan Valley, with only imposing peaks clad with snow separating the two. The picturesque Neelum Road, which extends for roughly 200 km from Muzaffarabad, is the starting point for the trek to this alluring valley. The line of control between Pakistan and India, which is delineated by flags flying high along the riverbank, is one of the most remarkable views. Neelum Valley attracts tourists and photographers with its lovely surroundings. Apna Trip, the top tour operator, is now giving you the chance to explore travel to Neelum Valley. They guarantee flawless planning and knowledgeable direction for an amazing trip to Neelum Valley. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this unique place, and allow the peace of the surroundings to leave a lasting impression on your soul.

Since there are so many incredible locations and beautiful scenery throughout the Northern regions, choosing just a handful would be a difficult but memorable decision for the vacation you have planned. Here are some of the places you should visit on your Neelum Valley Tour. Dhani Waterfall: The main tourist destination in Neelum Valley, Dhani Waterfall, is the biggest and most appealing waterfall in the area. Although it is dry in the winter, thousands of tourists flock there in the summer when its full splendor comes to life. The charm of Dhani Waterfall, which is around 30 kilometers from Muzaffarabad, the province capital, rests in its flawless, crystal-clear waters gracefully trickling down. Travelers looking to immerse themselves in nature's splendor and take in the spectacular beauty of Neelum Valley's majestic waterfall should visit during the best viewing period, which is from March to mid-June. Kutton: The most stunning attraction in Neelum Valley is Kutton Waterfall, also known as the Kundal Shahi Waterfall because of its proximity to Kundal Shahi Village. It ranks third among the top tourist attractions in Neelum Valley and is renowned as the most beautiful waterfall in the area. Because its water comes from Kutton, the name "Kutton" was derived, giving it a unique character. Keran Valley: Keran Valley In Kashmir, India, on the banks of the captivating Upper River Neelum and close to the Karen Valley, this location enchants visitors with beautiful vistas, breathtaking mountain views, and a tiny mart for entertainment. Similar to how the Neelum Valley map offers countless magnificent views of the area, Keran is a place to stop by while traveling to Pakistan's upper regions. Ratti Gali Lake: An ice lake that is renowned for having no reflection of its surroundings and tranquil city vibes is one of the most stunning and well-known as The Queen of the Lakes, a popular tourist destination in Neelum Valley, Pakistan. Do not pass up the opportunity to see this location in Neelum Valley if you are planning a road trip to Dowarian. Athmuqam: Athmuqam, which is around 73 kilometers from Muzaffarabad, is a well-known tourist destination in Pakistan's Neelum Valley. Athmuqam is recognized for its active shopping scene in addition to its natural beauty, making it a sanctuary for travelers looking to buy traditional handicrafts and regional goods. Banks and post offices make it easier for visitors to conduct business smoothly while they are there, adding to their convenience. Athmuqam develops as the biggest shopping attraction in Neelum Valley with its lively market, enabling visitors to experience the native way of life. Kel and Arrang Kel: A small spot in Neelum Valley serves as the starting point for thrilling mountaineering expeditions that ascend to the magnificent "Sarwaali Peak" and the vast "Sarwaali Glacier." The tallest peak and largest glacier in Azad Kashmir, these natural beauties provide hikers and adventure seekers with an amazing experience. This area is easily accessible by Jeeps and Vans and offers a doorway to experience the breathtaking views of the famed Nanga Parbat, making it an unquestionably must-see location in Neelum Valley. Tourists can take a 3-hour journey from Kel to Arrang Kel and take in the view of the Nanga Parbat Mountains. Arang Kel offers lodging options with food and a cable car service. Sharda Valley: Tourists can take a 3-hour journey from Kel to Arrang Kel and take in the view of the Nanga Parbat Mountains. Sharda, a charming Neelum Valley attraction that enchants visitors with its breathtaking setting, is situated around 136 kilometers from Muzaffarabad's major city. The lush green lawns are what draw tourists. The town has a range of tourist getaways that let visitors enjoy a cup of coffee or go as near to nature as possible. Sharda, one of the most well-known and popular destinations in Neelum Valley, acts as a center for lovely hotels that provide the convenience and requirements of visitors. Sharda Temple, Sharda University, and the serene Kishan Ghati are just a few of the remarkable locations in Sharda that are worth seeing. Taobut: The last and finest stunning tourist destination in Neelum Valley is Taobut. If you plan to visit the Neelum Valley, be sure to include Taobut in your itinerary. Only 4X4 Jeeps that can be rented from Kel can reach Taobut. Hotels and restaurants are not available in Taobut. Only 2 hotels are available in the Taobut Neelum Valley.

Apna Trip stands out as a top travel agency with years of experience in the tourist industry when it comes to organizing your Neelum Valley tour. Apna Trip is devoted to providing its clients with the highest level of comfort and happiness, and it gives them great joy to craft exceptional travel experiences. They can provide great service and attention to detail due to their in-depth knowledge and competence in the sector. With an emphasis on the alluring Neelum Valley, Apna Trip takes pleasure in providing a wide variety of holiday packages to enjoy the alluring beauty of Pakistan. Regardless of your preferences, Apna Trip provides the ideal package to meet everyone's requirements. Apna Trip guarantees a unique, custom experience to make priceless memories that will last a lifetime.

5-Day Neelum Valley Tour Package - Day 1: Beginning with an early morning departure from Islamabad, the Neelum Valley Tour travels. We enjoy tea and roadside pakoras as we travel along the Murree Expressway toward Kohala to reclaim our energy owing to the increasing altitude. Depending on the terms of our contract, we may decide to stop for lunch before continuing through Muzaffarabad. Our first night's accommodation will be in the charming village of Keran, which is reached through the lovely Neelum Road that runs alongside the Neelum River. 5-Day Neelum Valley Tour Package - Day 2: Enjoy your breakfast while admiring the splendor of the sunrise in Keran. We travel to Sharda via Dawarian and stop there for some photography and exploration. Depending on the situation, either Sharda or Dawarian will be waiting for a delicious lunch. We are going to spend the night in Sharda, which is a beautiful location. 5-Day Neelum Valley Tour Package - Day 3: We leave Sharda after a filling breakfast and travel to Kel, a place famed for its mesmerizing beauty. The excursion provides many possibilities for sightseeing as we go through the captivating valleys of Sharda, Kel, and Aurang Kel. We have a wonderful 2-mile hike towards Arrang Kel ahead of us. We will spend the night in Kel, awed by the beauty of the natural world. 5-Day Neelum Valley Tour Package - Day 4: This day is devoted to exploring Kel more, with its stunning handcrafted bridges across the Neelum River adding to the fun. The next day, we will spend another night in Sharda. 5-Day Neelum Valley Tour Package - Day 5: After enjoying breakfast in Sharda, we set off on our return trip to Islamabad, stopping along the route to take in the breathtaking Kutton Waterfall. As we arrive in Islamabad in the wee hours of the morning, our Neelum Valley Tour comes to an end. We take with us cherished memories of this wonderful journey.

Yes. Obtaining a Pakistani visit visa for an American is a simple process. The government of Pakistan is offering opportunities to quickly obtain a Pakistan visa from the USA as part of the personal interest of the Prime Minister of Pakistan and changing government strategy in encouraging tourism as a means of producing cash.

Simply follow a few basic instructions and submit an online application on the NADRA website to obtain a tourist visa for Pakistan. There are only a few minimal prerequisites and requirements to complete in order to do so. For more information on this, please visit our blog.

Planning a trip to Naran Kaghan without including a stop at Lake Saif ul Malook is impossible. Because Lake Saif ul Malook is the primary attraction of Naran Kaghan excursions. Saif Ul Malook Lake is about 20 kilometers from the lovely Naran Valley and is situated at an elevation of 3,224 meters (10,499 feet) under the shadow of the mighty Malika Parbat hill. Most of this distance may be traveled within a 30-minute fun jeep ride. Additionally, some people choose to travel by hiking to the lake, which offers some amazing views. One can go boating on the lake as Malika Parbat serves as the backdrop. More tourists can also enjoy snow sliding on the glaciers surrounding the lake. Many tourists do camping close to the lake's shore to experience the Milky Way at night.

Lulusar Lake is located in the Naran Valley area, around 30 kilometers away. The Lulusar-Dudipatsar National Park has a metalled road that is accessible to any type of vehicle. This lake does not allow boats or fishing. Additionally, the water for the river Kunhar flows primarily from this lake. Locals claim that this large lake is supposedly haunted, and as such, boating and fishing are prohibited. Although Naran has many hotels, there aren't any in this area. You can go to Lulusar Lake using Naran as your base camp.

Before starting their Pakistan eVisa application, US individuals wishing to travel to Pakistan should get aware of the travel visa requirements for US nationals. This is because after the electronic visa application form has been submitted, errors cannot be changed. Because of this, it is suggested that American visitors double-check the form thoroughly to prevent delays in the request's processing. American passport holders who wish to apply for a Pakistani eVisa must have the following: ● American passport ● An image of the passport holder in passport form Verification of their hotel reservation in Pakistan ● A valid credit or debit card that is current to pay the eVisa processing cost ● A valid email address. This is necessary since updates to your application and the final Pakistan eVisa will both be emailed to this address and linked electronically to your passport. Additional information requested from applicants includes their arrival date in Pakistan, passport information such as their full name and date of birth, passport number, and details of a few health and security-related concerns. You'll move on to the payment stage after providing the required information. Using a debit or credit card is an easy way to pay the processing cost for the Pakistani eVisa. To complete the transaction safely, make sure your payment method is all set and follow the instructions. It's necessary to examine and double-check all the information you've supplied in your application after completing your payment. You can submit your application request once you're certain that the data is accurate. US candidates will be getting their Pakistan eVisa by email in a few work days. Additionally, this electronic travel permit will be digitally connected to your US passport, making it simple for Pakistani immigration officials to access upon your arrival.

Yes, Indian U.S. citizens can travel to Pakistan, but keep in mind that getting a tourist visa for Pakistan may be difficult for Americans with an Indian background. Even if it's not impossible, people, in this case, might need to meet the requirements listed earlier with true and precise facts. To improve your chances that your visa application will be approved, it's essential to follow the instructions carefully and submit all required documents.

If you plan to visit Pakistan, then the ideal time to visit and travel to Pakistan is from the months of May to October, during this time you can get to experience and embrace the finest weather, spring blooms, summer abundance, and autumnal hues each depending on the month you choose to travel in. Whether it be traveling to the north or some of the other popular tourist destinations in Pakistan, you would get to experience a phenomenal time throughout your journey during these months. In the winter, the northern regions experience harsh cold weather, rain, and snowfall which frequently cause landslides and bottlenecks.

The highest point of the Naran trip is Babusar Pass, which is located at an altitude of 4,173 m (13,700 ft) above sea level. The most well-known tourist destination in Naran Valley is Babusar Top, which should be seen at least once in a lifetime. In addition, it marks the end of the Naran Valley and the Pakistani region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. One can enter Pakistan's Gilgit Baltistan region by avoiding this Babusar peak. In Naran Kaghan tour locations, visitors can take in some serene, mesmerizing views of the Himalayas from the top. Visit Naran Kaghan and take in the breathtaking Babusar Top.

The rules and regulations governing the various visas available to foreign people traveling to Pakistan from the United States are outlined in the visa policy for Pakistan. While the majority of qualified visitors can get a single-entry tourist visa for Pakistan, Americans can also apply for a double-entry visa for tourism. Depending on their travel needs and specific circumstances, Americans can choose between a single-entry and a double-entry visa. It is essential to choose the visa type for your travel from the USA to Pakistan. Choosing the right category increases the possibility that your application will be accepted.

In recent years, Pakistan's security situation has significantly improved. While there are still security issues in a few of Pakistan's remote regions, many other parts of the country are regarded as safe for both locals and foreign tourists. It is normally safe to go to major cities like Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, and Peshawar. As with any destination, it matters most to take basic safety precautions and travel with vigilance. Furthermore, it is always advised to check official travel advisories and look for up-to-date information from reliable sources before making travel plans to Pakistan.

You may go hiking, camping, and fishing at the lakes and Kunhar River at Naran Kaghan. Explore the local culture and shops at Naran Bazar, go boating on the Kunhar River, or both. Don't pass up the chance to see rural life in its natural setting in the beautiful villages of Shogran and Lalazar.

Siri Paye Meadows is one of Pakistan's most beautiful and attractive places. When the flowers bloom in the spring, the brightly colored creatures are lovely against Makra Peak's snowy backdrop. This tiny community is perfect for a weekend break or a longer vacation from your busy schedule. In the summer, the location also gives you the chance to enjoy cool, fresh air with friendly locals. Once you walk through this charming and vivid retreat, which has a lot of thrilling activities and amazing walks for tourists, you will remember that majesty and beauty for a long time after witnessing this magnificent spot that takes you to another universe. Words cannot adequately express the utter magnificence of this stunning Pakistani treasure since there is so much yet to learn about it.

It is the first category. This visa is only available to people who want to hike through the "restricted treks list" regions or climb mountains in Pakistan. It caters to people who want to climb K2, trek to K2 base camp, go to Snow Lake, go to Lukpe La, and go on similar experiences. Keep in mind that this visa is not meant for other treks, such as the Nanga Parbat Trek. The Mountaineering Application Form, a sponsor letter from a designated tour operator, and a contract with a designated tour operator must all be submitted by applicants along with their passport, a photo, and the Mountaineering Application Form.

Travelers who obtain an online visa to visit Pakistan from the United States should be ready to: ● Show a hard copy of their accepted Pakistani eVisa upon arrival. ● Carry a current copy of their US passport (the one they used to apply for). ● If immigration agents demand it, provide further documentation of your outgoing travel and/or accommodation in Pakistan. ● Dual nationals from the United States should make sure they travel with the appropriate passport. American travelers can enter Pakistan quickly through international ports by land, sea, and air with the help of a Pakistani eVisa. Apply for an eVisa renewal using the details of your new passport in the unfortunate event that your current one is misplaced, stolen, damaged, or lost before your travel to Pakistan. The right passport information must be attached to your travel authorization because the eVisa is electronically linked to your US passport.

The best internet can be found practically anywhere in northern Pakistan; almost all respectable hotels in Hunza, Skardu, and other places have optic fiber WiFi connections. The remoteness of the mountainous regions, on the other hand, accounts for their inadequate or nonexistent internet service.

A variety of outstanding services are included in the Neelum Valley tour package to guarantee a wonderful trip. Throughout the journey, pleasant and hassle-free transportation is guaranteed with Private AC Transport, which is offered in a variety of vehicles including Coasters, Cars, Hi-roof, and Jeeps. Each day, guests will be served breakfast and dinner. We set up a cozy bonfire in the evenings to add to the charm and make it a great place to unwind. On the tour, we offer simple first-aid facilities. Our skilled drivers provide safe, dependable transportation, and a qualified Neelum Valley tour guide's services guarantee a thorough investigation of the area's natural beauties. Accommodations are offered in the best family hotels, guaranteeing a relaxing and cozy stay throughout. The package does not include room service, lunch, beverages, mineral water, heaters, or room service. Fort, boat, chairlift, and park admission fees are not included, nor are staff tips or insurance liability. The expenditures of any unplanned events, medication, evacuation, or emergency rescue are not covered.

Certainly, the spring and summer months of April through September are the best times to explore Neelum Valley. With temperatures ranging from 15°C to 27°C, the weather is at its most agreeable during this time, making it the ideal time for exploration and enjoyment. The valley comes to life in the spring with colorful blossoms and lush foliage, giving the surroundings a magical quality. The valley's appeal grows as summer approaches, providing visitors with a great experience amidst the lovely surroundings. Winters must be avoided, though, as they can result in road closures and poor accessibility, making them less favorable for travel and exploration.

Make sound choices while packing for your Neelum Valley trip to save weight and guarantee a hassle-free journey. Include two sweaters, high-quality thermals, extra-warm uppers, and a dependable jacket for layering over the winter. In the summer, just one thin jacket, along with t-shirts, pants, shorts, and sunglasses, will do. Bathroom supplies (soap, toothbrush/toothpaste, paper soap, deodorants), a bag for wet or dirty clothes, a camera with cables, and a portable battery pack should all be on your list of necessities no matter the season.

The Kashmir Neelum Valley is safe for family travel. The location is a well-liked vacation spot, and thousands of families travel there without any serious safety issues each year. Nevertheless, just as with any other holiday destination, it is always advisable to exercise caution and make sure your trip is organized and well-planned. An additional layer of security and peace of mind when traveling can be obtained by booking your tour through a reputable tour operator.

Is category is the right choice for anyone looking to travel for religious reasons. This visa is intended for people who want to travel to Pakistan for religious pilgrimage. Sikhs, for instance, who intend to visit Gurdwaras or other holy places, might apply under this category. A passport, a photo, an invitation letter or hotel reservation, and documentation of authorized residence in a third country are required of candidates. If the applicant is a spouse, the husband or wife must provide legitimate documentation of their lawful and ongoing presence in a country other than India. For candidates who are minors, legitimate documentation proving the father's or mother's lawful and long-term residence in a country other than India is required. Travelers who want to explore Pakistan's "open areas" for sightseeing should use the Tourist Visa Online Visa. Popular locations included in this category include Gilgit-Baltistan, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Peshawar. This visa does not permit entry to prohibited, restricted, or border zones like the K2 base camp. Applicants of tourist visas must submit their passport as well as information about their hotel reservation or the tour operator the Department of Tourist Services has approved. Be sure your chosen visa is compatible with the activities you intend to engage in while traveling by carefully reviewing the criteria of each category. Your application for a visa might not be approved if you don't comply.

The Pakistan eVisa for US citizens is handled in around 10 business days after your application is submitted with all required information. The applicant's American passport will be electronically connected to the approved Pakistan tourist eVisa. Additionally, a copy will be sent by email to the application's registered address. It is advised that holders print a copy of the authorized Pakistan eVisa to keep with them in case it is needed for inquiry while traveling to Pakistan.

The best time to visit Naran Kaghan Valley is from March through October since these months have the most hospitable and lovely weather. The Naran Valley is transformed into a stunning paradise throughout the summer, which normally lasts from March to September, due to its magnificent views of snow-capped peaks, lush green surroundings, and pleasant weather. This time of year, is ideal for outdoor activities, touring, and taking in the area's lovely elegance. In contrast, the Naran Kaghan Valley's winter season, which lasts from November to February, can be fairly severe and extreme. Sub-zero temperatures start to become common when the temperature lowers substantially, frequently hitting freezing levels. Regular tourists find it difficult and uncomfortable to visit the valley during the harsh winter months.

The services we include in our Naran Kaghan tour packages are all designed to make your vacation comfortable and memorable. We offer transportation as part of our package, which includes modern vehicles like air-conditioned coasters or spacious cabins. We take care of all taxes, road equipment, and fuel, so you don't have to worry about any additional charges in this area. We prioritize your comfort during your vacation by providing a daily breakfast and affordable family-friendly hotel accommodations. If you need assistance with your luggage, you may need to pay for horses, ponies, porters, or admission fees to various attractions or sites. You may also incur costs for medication, evacuation, or emergency rescue, as well as for any additional services or goods not specifically included in the package.

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Asma Amjad
Asma Amjad
It was my first good experience traveling with unknown guys/families for Hunza 5 day. But I enjoyed it like a family trip. Kamran guide tried to entertain everyone throughout. All services were well provided by Apnatrip and Kamran. I appreciate Kamarn for seats shuffling every day no doubt every seat was the same but in long travel physiologically if we sit in one position we may become so bored and our minds will be stuck. my free advice to Kamarn is to continue this in his service. After almost 23 hours traveling when reached Chillas, the unexpected temperature was too high. The hotel was good and their services were also good but there night stay was too hard. From Chillas to Atabad Lake, it was very difficult to travel due to the high temperature. In Aliabad, the hotel had a nice view of Atabad Lake which forgot our all tiredness. Hotel services and management/Sraff are appreciated. Manu was good but the meal taste was different. Apnatrip knows that their clients are from Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi, so Apntrip should have to or try to guide hotel management about meal taste, this will be more beneficial for "Apnatrip" in the future. Some things were not good on the bus, like full-time songs and eventually bad songs. I do not see management cleaning the bus. Wastebin was full all the time and sometimes bad smells suffocated the inner environment of the bus. I think Kamran emptied the waste bin when we were leaving the Chillas. Kamran asked all clients to keep clean and I and my group members followed through out. "Apnatrip" shoulhd have to manange the rule that not allow to clintes to take heavy meals like biryani , burger, and Daal Roti in the bus. Only allow water, juice chips light things etc.
Sana Sajjad
Sana Sajjad
I recently had the pleasure of booking a trip to Hunza through Apna Trip and I must say it was an outstanding experience!!! From the moment we contacted Apna Trip to inquire about the tour, their team was incredibly responsive and helpful, answering all our questions and providing us with a detailed itinerary. Throughout the journey, Apna Trip ensured that everything went smoothly. The tour guide, Kamran assigned to us was friendly and passionate about the region. He shared fascinating stories and historical facts about the places we visited, enhancing our overall experience. The selection of destinations was spot on. We had the opportunity to explore captivating sites such as Altit Fort, Passu Cones, and the breathtaking Khunjerab Pass. The itinerary was well-planned, allowing us to maximize our time and enjoy every moment! The accommodations provided by them were excellent, with comfortable and clean hotels, especially in Hunza with a captivating view of Attabad Lake. Moreover, the food arrangements and suggestions during the trip were exceptional. We were guided about variety of delicious local cuisines, letting us taste the region's rich culinary traditions. The entire trip was seamlessly executed, and I cannot praise them enough for their professionalism and dedication. Thank you, Apna Trip for providing me with a remarkable experience. I look forward to booking future adventures with you!!
Rija Dawood
Rija Dawood
I recently went on a mesmerizing trip to Hunza with Apna Trip, and I must say it was an unforgettable experience. From the moment we embarked on our journey, the tour guide “KAMRAN” provided by Apna Trip showcased exceptional cooperation and energy. They were not only knowledgeable about the area but also went above and beyond to fulfill all our wishes. Whether it was arranging comfortable accommodations, suggesting the best local restaurants, the guide made sure we had a remarkable time throughout the trip. I highly recommend Apna Trip to anyone planning to explore the beauty of Hunza or any other destination. Their team's professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction are truly commendable. With Apna Trip, you can rest assured that your travel needs and desires will be well taken care of. I can't wait to plan my next adventure with them and experience another incredible journey filled with their exceptional services.
Fatima Shahid
Fatima Shahid
Best time of my life really. Everything was just dreamy and all was due to apnatrip. They managed all the thing in superb way. The guide they send with us was also so good and energetic. They covered all the possible places they could. Hotels and food was also so good. If you want to go on a trip with no worries you can contact them and they will make it possible for you.
Saba Sajjad
Saba Sajjad
It was the first time we planned a trip to Hunza and chose ApnaTrip Tours. No doubt we were very afraid of everything as how our trip would go along. We chose thier 5 days trip which had to leave at 23rd June Friday night. We reached the destination. Our trip started at 1045pm. Honestly as the trip started, the guide and host Kamran made everyone feel relaxed and made us feel that we'll be like a family. Our first stop was at Chilas, the weather was tooo hot and after dinner we went to sleep. Our next day started and again a home like feeling grabbed us. Kamran our guide made sure that everyone is catered. He guided at every stage about the views, about the traditional foods, about the best photography spots. Even the driver with us was extremely skilled and knew how to handle all the difficult routes. I honestly enjoyed every day to the fullest. The food served in hotels can be a little improved though over all it didn't hurt my overall experience. I would definitely recommend families and friends to opt Apna Trip if they are planning a fun filled trip in Northern areas of Pakistan. A great thumbs up to Kamran, and his co guide Munir and Hanan and our driver Babar.
Ahtisham ullah
Ahtisham ullah
Amazing experience with apna trip
bakhtawar shahzad
bakhtawar shahzad
This was my very first experience of going on a trip with a travel company and I throughly enjoyed it. Major thanks to our guide Zeeshan bhai who accompanied us no matter what. Would love to go again on a trip only if it’s with Zeeshan bhai as he’s a gem person.
Nabila Farid Farid
Nabila Farid Farid
Overall trip was incredible. Awesome experience! Specially our tour guide Zeeshan Ali was so cooperative that he made it all feel like home. Everything was arranged and managed up to the mark. Enjoyed a lot. Would love to go again with that team. Recommended 💯
Rana Buland
Rana Buland
It's my first trip with Apna Trip. I really appreciate to zeeshan bhai who made my trip wonderful. I really enjoy all the time. Its very lovely trip I've ever had. Love you zeeshan bhai❤️
saim faraz
saim faraz
I recently had an excellent tour experience with Apna Trip, led by the exceptional guide Zeeshan. From start to finish, the professionalism, knowledge, and enthusiasm of Zeeshan made the trip truly memorable. Highly recommended! Saim

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