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Enjoy the magnificent 144 km long, bow-shaped Neelum Valley, which is located in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan-administered Kashmir. This scenic oasis, which takes its name from the Neelum River, is home to dense woods, snow-capped mountains, and breathtaking natural views that draw tourists from all over the world. It is located in Muzaffarabad's northeast and parallels the well-known Kaghan Valley, with only imposing peaks clad with snow separating the two. The picturesque Neelum Road, which extends for roughly 200 km from Muzaffarabad, is the starting point for the trek to this alluring valley. The line of control between Pakistan and India, which is delineated by flags flying high along the riverbank, is one of the most remarkable views. Neelum Valley attracts tourists and photographers with its lovely surroundings. Apna Trip, the top tour operator, is now giving you the chance to explore travel to Neelum Valley. They guarantee flawless planning and knowledgeable direction for an amazing trip to Neelum Valley. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this unique place, and allow the peace of the surroundings to leave a lasting impression on your soul.

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What Are Some Places You Must Visit On Your Neelum Valley Tour?

Since there are so many incredible locations and beautiful scenery throughout the Northern regions, choosing just a handful would be a difficult but memorable decision for the vacation you have planned. Here are some of the places you should visit on your Neelum Valley Tour.

Dhani Waterfall:

The main tourist destination in Neelum Valley, Dhani Waterfall, is the biggest and most appealing waterfall in the area. Although it is dry in the winter, thousands of tourists flock there in the summer when its full splendor comes to life. The charm of Dhani Waterfall, which is around 30 kilometers from Muzaffarabad, the province capital, rests in its flawless, crystal-clear waters gracefully trickling down. Travelers looking to immerse themselves in nature’s splendor and take in the spectacular beauty of Neelum Valley’s majestic waterfall should visit during the best viewing period, which is from March to mid-June.


The most stunning attraction in Neelum Valley is Kutton Waterfall, also known as

the Kundal Shahi Waterfall because of its proximity to Kundal Shahi Village. It ranks third among the top tourist attractions in Neelum Valley and is renowned as the most beautiful waterfall in the area. Because its water comes from Kutton, the name “Kutton” was derived, giving it a unique character.

Keran Valley:

Keran Valley In Kashmir, India, on the banks of the captivating Upper River Neelum and close to the Karen Valley, this location enchants visitors with beautiful vistas, breathtaking mountain views, and a tiny mart for entertainment. Similar to how the Neelum Valley map offers countless magnificent views of the area, Keran is a place to stop by while traveling to Pakistan’s upper regions.

Ratti Gali Lake:

An ice lake that is renowned for having no reflection of its surroundings and tranquil city vibes is one of the most stunning and well-known as The Queen of the Lakes, a popular tourist destination in Neelum Valley, Pakistan. Do not pass up the opportunity to see this location in Neelum Valley if you are planning a road trip to Dowarian.


Athmuqam, which is around 73 kilometers from Muzaffarabad, is a well-known tourist destination in Pakistan’s Neelum Valley. Athmuqam is recognized for its active shopping scene in addition to its natural beauty, making it a sanctuary for travelers looking to buy traditional handicrafts and regional goods. Banks and post offices make it easier for visitors to conduct business smoothly while they are there, adding to their convenience. Athmuqam develops as the biggest shopping attraction in Neelum Valley with its lively market, enabling visitors to experience the native way of life.

Kel and Arrang Kel:

A small spot in Neelum Valley serves as the starting point for thrilling mountaineering expeditions that ascend to the magnificent “Sarwaali Peak” and the vast “Sarwaali Glacier.” The tallest peak and largest glacier in Azad Kashmir, these natural beauties provide hikers and adventure seekers with an amazing experience. This area is easily accessible by Jeeps and Vans and offers a doorway to experience the breathtaking views of the famed Nanga Parbat, making it an unquestionably must-see location in Neelum Valley. Tourists can take a 3-hour journey from Kel to Arrang Kel and take in the view of the Nanga Parbat Mountains. Arang Kel offers lodging options with food and a cable car service.

Sharda Valley:

Tourists can take a 3-hour journey from Kel to Arrang Kel and take in the view of the Nanga Parbat Mountains. Sharda, a charming Neelum Valley attraction that enchants visitors with its breathtaking setting, is situated around 136 kilometers from Muzaffarabad’s major city. The lush green lawns are what draw tourists. The town has a range of tourist getaways that let visitors enjoy a cup of coffee or go as near to nature as possible. Sharda, one of the most well-known and popular destinations in Neelum Valley, acts as a center for lovely hotels that provide the convenience and requirements of visitors. Sharda Temple, Sharda University, and the serene Kishan Ghati are just a few of the remarkable locations in Sharda that are worth seeing.


The last and finest stunning tourist destination in Neelum Valley is Taobut. If you plan to visit the Neelum Valley, be sure to include Taobut in your itinerary. Only 4X4 Jeeps that can be rented from Kel can reach Taobut. Hotels and restaurants are not available in Taobut. Only 2 hotels are available in the Taobut Neelum Valley.

Why Should You Choose Apna Trip For Your Neelum Valley Tour?

Apna Trip stands out as a top travel agency with years of experience in the tourist industry when it comes to organizing your Neelum Valley tour. Apna Trip is devoted to providing its clients with the highest level of comfort and happiness, and it gives them great joy to craft exceptional travel experiences. They can provide great service and attention to detail due to their in-depth knowledge and competence in the sector. With an emphasis on the alluring Neelum Valley, Apna Trip takes pleasure in providing a wide variety of holiday packages to enjoy the alluring beauty of Pakistan. Regardless of your preferences, Apna Trip provides the ideal package to meet everyone’s requirements. Apna Trip guarantees a unique, custom experience to make priceless memories that will last a lifetime.

5-Day Neelum Valley Tour Package:

5-Day Neelum Valley Tour Package – Day 1:

Beginning with an early morning departure from Islamabad, the Neelum Valley Tour travels. We enjoy tea and roadside pakoras as we travel along the Murree Expressway toward Kohala to reclaim our energy owing to the increasing altitude. Depending on the terms of our contract, we may decide to stop for lunch before continuing through Muzaffarabad. Our first night’s accommodation will be in the charming village of Keran, which is reached through the lovely Neelum Road that runs alongside the Neelum River.

5-Day Neelum Valley Tour Package – Day 2:

Enjoy your breakfast while admiring the splendor of the sunrise in Keran. We travel to Sharda via Dawarian and stop there for some photography and exploration. Depending on the situation, either Sharda or Dawarian will be waiting for a delicious lunch. We are going to spend the night in Sharda, which is a beautiful location.

5-Day Neelum Valley Tour Package – Day 3:

We leave Sharda after a filling breakfast and travel to Kel, a place famed for its mesmerizing beauty. The excursion provides many possibilities for sightseeing as we go through the captivating valleys of Sharda, Kel, and Aurang Kel. We have a wonderful 2-mile hike towards Arrang Kel ahead of us. We will spend the night in Kel, awed by the beauty of the natural world.

5-Day Neelum Valley Tour Package – Day 4:

This day is devoted to exploring Kel more, with its stunning handcrafted bridges across the Neelum River adding to the fun. The next day, we will spend another night in Sharda.

5-Day Neelum Valley Tour Package – Day 5:

After enjoying breakfast in Sharda, we set off on our return trip to Islamabad, stopping along the route to take in the breathtaking Kutton Waterfall. As we arrive in Islamabad in the wee hours of the morning, our Neelum Valley Tour comes to an end. We take with us cherished memories of this wonderful journey.

How Much Does It Cost To Travel To Neelum Valley? Here Are Some Popular Neelum Valley Tour Packages By Apna Trip :

2 Day Neelum Valley Tour


3 Day Neelum Valley Tour


5 Day Neelum Valley Tour


7 Day Neelum Valley Tour


What Services Are Included In The Neelum Valley Tour Package And What Services Are Excluded?

A variety of outstanding services are included in the Neelum Valley tour package to guarantee a wonderful trip. Throughout the journey, pleasant and hassle-free transportation is guaranteed with Private AC Transport, which is offered in a variety of vehicles including Coasters, Cars, Hi-roof, and Jeeps. Each day, guests will be served breakfast and dinner. We set up a cozy bonfire in the evenings to add to the charm and make it a great place to unwind. On the tour, we offer simple first-aid facilities. Our skilled drivers provide safe, dependable transportation, and a qualified Neelum Valley tour guide’s services guarantee a thorough investigation of the area’s natural beauties. Accommodations are offered in the best family hotels, guaranteeing a relaxing and cozy stay throughout.

 The package does not include room service, lunch, beverages, mineral water, heaters, or room service. Fort, boat, chairlift, and park admission fees are not included, nor are staff tips or insurance liability. The expenditures of any unplanned events, medication, evacuation, or emergency rescue are not covered.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Neelum Valley?

Certainly, the spring and summer months of April through September are the best times to explore Neelum Valley. With temperatures ranging from 15°C to 27°C, the weather is at its most agreeable during this time, making it the ideal time for exploration and enjoyment. The valley comes to life in the spring with colorful blossoms and lush foliage, giving the surroundings a magical quality. The valley’s appeal grows as summer approaches, providing visitors with a great experience amidst the lovely surroundings. Winters must be avoided, though, as they can result in road closures and poor accessibility, making them less favorable for travel and exploration.

What Should You Pack For Your Neelum Valley Tour?

Make sound choices while packing for your Neelum Valley trip to save weight and guarantee a hassle-free journey. Include two sweaters, high-quality thermals, extra-warm uppers, and a dependable jacket for layering over the winter. In the summer, just one thin jacket, along with t-shirts, pants, shorts, and sunglasses, will do. Bathroom supplies (soap, toothbrush/toothpaste, paper soap, deodorants), a bag for wet or dirty clothes, a camera with cables, and a portable battery pack should all be on your list of necessities no matter the season.

Is It Safe To Travel To Neelum Valley With Family?

The Kashmir Neelum Valley is safe for family travel. The location is a well-liked vacation spot, and thousands of families travel there without any serious safety issues each year. Nevertheless, just as with any other holiday destination, it is always advisable to exercise caution and make sure your trip is organized and well-planned. An additional layer of security and peace of mind when traveling can be obtained by booking your tour through a reputable tour operator.

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