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Located in the beautiful mountains of northwest Pakistan, the gorgeous Swat Valley is a haven for nature lovers and adventurers. This beautiful area, which is frequently referred to as the "Switzerland of Asia," has stunning landscapes and a rich cultural tapestry that attracts tourists. Every nook of the Swat Valley offers a distinct combination of beauty and calm, from the ancient village of Saidu Sharif to the snow-covered mountains of Malam Jabba. It has never been simpler to get to this natural paradise thanks to its world-class motorways and well-connected road system. The breathtaking panoramas of Swat Valley are only a three-hour drive from Islamabad and a seven-hour drive from Lahore, respectively. If you wish to take a trip to the Swat Valley that you will never forget, look no further than Apna Trip for an outstanding travel experience. We provide budget-friendly Swat tour packages that can be tailored to your preferences. While you enjoy the beauty and allure of Swat Valley, let us take care of the details.

What Contributes to Swat Valley's Growing Appeal as a Travel Destination For Swat Valley Tours?


The natural beauty of the valley attracts a lot of tourists. Swat Valley provides a visual feast for nature lovers with its gorgeous landscapes, which include charming waterfalls. Swat Valley's appeal is further enhanced by the variety of its cultures. Pashto/Pakhto is the most widely spoken dialect, and Afghan and Pashtun cultures predominate, creating a vibrant and immersive environment for visitors to explore. This cultural diversity offers visitors the chance to interact with local customs, cuisine, and way of life, which gives their Swat Valley trips a special touch. Swat Valley is a much-liked destination for both solo visitors and groups of people, as well as for newlyweds on their honeymoon. Couples may spend valuable time together and form enduring memories in o its peaceful and romantic atmosphere.

When and How Swat Valley Became a Part of Pakistan?

A long history of Buddhists can be found in the Swat region. As a component of the Gandhara monarchy, it served as a significant hub of early Buddhist philosophy. It is now covered in ruins from that period. The last isolated pockets of Gandharan Buddhism were located in Swat, and they persisted there until the 11th century, long after the majority of the region had embraced Islam. Swat was formerly a part of the Yusafzai State of Swat, a princely state with its government that joined Pakistan in 1969 after the country’s independence from the British Empire.

What Are Some Famous Places To Visit While Taking a Swat Valley Tour?

  • Malam Jabba is a lovely hill station 45 kilometers (28 miles) northeast of Mingora where visitors can take a zipline ride for a floating adventure to explore places that are otherwise unreachable. The recently built Pearl Continental Hotel is a welcome addition to the neighborhood. The Mallam Jabba resort offers ziplining as an additional thrill for visitors. In the summer, people go to Mallam Jabba to escape the heat of the city and spend time with friends and family.
  • Fizaghat Park is another well-known tourist site that provides a selection of regional cuisines and lovely weather. The distance to Mingora, the Swat state capital, is around 3.6 kilometers. With the Swat River pouring by and the nice, unwinding wind, it is the ideal location. The tourists that take the Swat tour package want to stay in the hotels close to the river’s edge because they are inexpensive and have all the necessities.
  • The popular Marghuzar, a small Swat village, can be found there. Due to the presence of the White Marble Palace, the Royal Family of Swat’s palace, this town is quite well known. Early in the 1940s, Wali-e-Swat Jahanzeb constructed this palace. When it snows here, the surrounding elegance of white gives one the impression that they are in the sky. Marghuzar is the best location for honeymooners since it allows them to feel like royalty while reclining in a marble chair and taking photos.
  • One of Swat’s most magnificent sights is Mahudand Lake. It is located in the Usho Valley of Kalam. It’s a breathtaking scene with lush camping grounds and the majestic Hindu Kush Mountains in the distance.
  • One of Swat’s most captivating and well-known destinations is the Kalam Valley, which is located 99 kilometers away from the Swat Valley. The entire valley is surrounded by the Swat River and lush green hills. The Kalam Valley is regarded as the most popular tourist destination, drawing visitors from all around Pakistan and even from beyond each year. Some of the famous locations to visit in Kalam include Matiltan, Usho, Utror, and Gabral, each of which has a special significance. Since the winter months can be very cold, April to September is the best time to visit the Kalam Valley.
  • Within the vast Hindu Kush Mountains, there is a gorgeous lake called Kundol Lake, which draws tens of thousands of visitors each year. A magnificent contrast of white and green can be seen in the snowflakes and the lush green woodlands. It is located in the northern part of the Utror Valley. Visit in the summer to enjoy fishing and boating.

Popular Apna Trip Swat Tour Packages:

Apna Trip offers a variety of well-crafted Swat valley tour packages to suit the needs and preferences of every traveler. We offer the ideal package for you, whether you’re looking for a cost-effective choice, an affordable package for single-person or group travelers, a family getaway, or a peaceful couple’s retreat. Our Swat travel packages are designed with flexibility and ease in mind, guaranteeing a smooth and trouble-free journey. We aim to make your trip to Swat as convenient as possible by offering alternatives for travel by plane or road from a variety of areas.

7-Day Swat Tour Package:

7-Day Swat Tour Package – Day 1:

You will be welcomed and taken to your accommodation after landing at Islamabad International Airport. Spend some time unwinding and getting ready for the thrilling voyage ahead. Take a city tour of Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital, in the late afternoon. Stay the night in an Islamabad hotel.

7-Day Swat Tour Package – Day 2:

Get an early start as you travel from Islamabad to the scenic Swat Valley in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) region. Enjoy the beautiful beauty of fruit orchards and lively neighborhood bazaars as you go. Visit the fascinating White Palace in Murghazar, a stunning building constructed entirely of white marble by the first monarch of Swat in 1940, before making your way to your accommodation in Swat. After that, retire for a quiet night in Swat to rest up for the forthcoming adventures.

7-Day Swat Tour Package – Day 3:

 As you continue your trek into Swat Valley, get ready to be amazed. You will pass through the small towns of Madyan and Bahrain during the route, each of which has its own special charm and cultural experiences. Finally, you will reach the charming town of Kalam, a highland tourist attraction known for its magnificent waterfalls and clear streams perfect for fish farming. Enjoy the flavors of wonderful trout fish while taking in Kalam’s serenity. Experience a relaxing overnight stay at a Kalam hotel.

7-Day Swat Tour Package – Day 4:

Enjoy a delicious breakfast as you get ready for a day of exploration. Leave your hotel and head toward the famous Mahodand Lake and the Ushu Valley. Be mesmerized by the magnificent hills that round the lake and create a wonderful backdrop for its calm blue waters. Discover Kalam’s vividly blue rushing streams, which provide opportunities for relaxing and fishing along their beautiful banks. Return to your hotel in Kalam for a well-earned relaxation after a day of discovery and peace.

7-Day Swat Tour Package – Day 5:

Leave Kalam behind after breakfast and have a beautiful trip back to Swat Valley. Arrive at Swat’s capital, Saidu Sharif, and proceed to your hotel. Spend your day relaxing and taking in all that Swat Valley has to offer.

7-Day Swat Tour Package – Day 6:

After a delicious breakfast, depart Swat and travel to Malam Jabba, a beautiful hill town famous for its thrilling chairlift ride in the summer and its skiing slopes in the winter. Enjoy the calmness of the area and lose yourself in the quiet of the mountains. Drive back to Islamabad later so you may spend some free time exploring Pirsohawa and Daman-Koh. Spend the evening at your hotel in Islamabad enjoying the memories of your journey in the Swat Valley.

7-Day Swat Tour Package – Day 7:

It’s time to say goodbye to the Swat Valley after a great voyage through its beauties. After breakfast at the hotel, head to Islamabad International Airport to catch your journey home while carrying with you the priceless memories and amazing experiences from your Swat Valley Tour Package.

How Much Does It Cost To Go To Skardu? Here Are Some Popular Swat Valley Tour Packages By Apna Trip :

Swat Tour Packages



7 Days Winter Group Tour

7 Days / 6 Nights

35000 per person

3 Days Economical  Swat Tour

3 Days / 4 Nights

23000 per person

4 Days Swat Tour

4 Days /3 Nights

65000 per couple

5 Days Swat Tour

5 Days / 4 Nights

80000 per couple

5 Days Swat Murree Tour

5 Days / 4 Nights

90000 per couple

5 Days Swat Shogran Tour

5 Days / 4 Nights

95000 per couple

What services are offered as part of the Skardu trip package and what services are not?

Our Swat tour packages include a variety of extras that are intended to make your trip comfortable and memorable. The following amenities and services are available to you:

We include transportation as part of our package, which takes the form of modern vehicles like AC saloon coasters or big cabins. You don’t need to worry about any additional costs in this area because we take care of all taxes, road equipment, and fuel. We put your comfort first during your visit by offering reasonable family-friendly hotel accommodations and a daily breakfast.

There are a few things to bear in mind even if our package offers a wide range of services. These include admission fees to various attractions or sites, costs resulting from unforeseen events like landslides or roadblocks, lunch and beverage expenses, fees for horses, ponies, or porters if you need help with personal luggage, costs for medication, evacuation, or emergency rescue, and any other services or items not specifically mentioned in the package.

Which Is The Best Month To Plan Your Swat Tour?

The majority of tourist locations across the world are open all year round, but the Swat tour is an exception. The summer months of June through August and the winter months of November through December are considered the best time to visit. It is around this time when families vacation in Swat Valley from all over Pakistan. In Swat, March, May, and September, October are not the peak months for tourists. At this time of year, the trees change to beautiful colors. From late January until the beginning of March, snow is falling, and hotel and airfare prices are lowered. You could save money on airfare and accommodation if you don’t mind the cold.

Is Swat Safe For Tourists?

In recent years, Swat has grown to become the most popular travel destination. Numerous thousands of visitors from all over the world come to Swat Valley each year to take in the breathtaking lakes and landscapes. The location is now completely safe and secure for all tourist activities following a Pakistani military operation against extremists.


Therefore, Apna Trip provides outstanding Swat Family Tour Packages that are customized for your needs and financial situation. We ensure a unique and memorable vacation experience in the attractive Swat Valley with professional guides and the best services.


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